Lock Repair/Maintenance

Hire A Professional Door Lock Repair in Singapore

Are you looking to repair or replace a door lock in Singapore? 

Maybe your key is lost and you need to replace it, or any type of fault of the door lock including the door knob. Whatever the circumstances are, Sg locksmith is a one stop solution to repair and replace all your needs for door lock repair, window lock repair, door lock installation & replacements in Singapore.

Sg Locksmith offer commercial & Residential lock repair services in Singapore. We have expert locksmith team for keyless lock repair, Door knob lock repair, Handle lock, Mortise repair, Lever repair and replacement. In Singapore, Security is an important and serious concerns when you look for door lock repair, Sg locksmith takes yours property’s security very seriously while repair and replacements. Our services for lock repair at Sg locksmith includes 

Servicing facilities, including

  • Broken Key in Door Lock
  • Lost And Stolen Keys
  • Door Knob repairs
  • Door Panel Replacement  & Repair
  • Handle & Hinge Replacement
  • Door Realignment
  • Door Knocker Replacement
  • Door Closers

Sg Locksmith provides solutions for all your residential and commercial locksmith needs regarding lock repair & replacements.

Residential Lock Repair in Singapore

We provide one of the best repair services in Singapore. Servicing residential areas and homes locksmith needs can be challenged but our experts take inspections and meet the solutions. Sg Locksmith knows how to resolve the task to assure cost-effective solutions and find the best alternative to repair your door other than to replace the entire lock. Our experts would go in to repair the mechanisms within your locks so that they are able to function again. We help our customers in making their space secure. 

Commercial Lock Repair in Singapore

Sg Locksmith offers a large range of locksmith services to businesses and commercial property to ensure their security. Our team is professionally repair, replace, install or remove anything related your business office, shop, commercial premises and warehouse. Your commercial premises need to have locks checked regularly; your business security is of the utmost importance. Sg locksmith offers the lock repair service in Singapore to secure your commercial building and office space. We offer the top-class locksmith service for your commercial needs. 

Making your property safe again

With our emergency lock repairs service, Sg Locksmith will do everything we can to make you feel safe again, including installing new doors and windows, repairing damage to doors and frames, replacing locks, installing new windows, and adding extra locks and security to make your property extra secure.

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