Residential Locksmith Singapore

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We Stay Up to Date With the Latest Home Security Technology For You

Expert & Professional Locksmiths & Technicians in Singapore

At SG Locksmith we understand the meaning of residential security and what a good lock can do for you. Our knowledgeable staff remain up to date with the latest security systems out there to help you get the ultimate peace of mind you need.

With so many options for security systems, you need someone well-versed in them all to help you decided which is the best one for you. SG Locksmith is a reputable company with years of experience in the field to give you the best possible solution within your budget!

Protecting With Knowledge & Experience

At SG Locksmith, we believe that the best way to protect you and your family is to give you bespoke solutions that you find to your liking. For that, it is necessary to give you all the pros and cons of each system; something that we know, thanks to our experience and field knowledge.

We strive toward giving you the best possible representations at cost-effective and transparent rates. We are proud to say that our certified Singapore locksmiths provide reliable and timely quotes to you and do the work within your budget, with no hidden charges or extra fees!

Using Only the Best Locks & Brands

If your lock needs repair, we do it without asking a question unless you specifically ask us to replace it. When it comes to replacing locks, we only use high quality locks that will ensure maximum protection to you and your family.

We make a point of working only with the best brands out there so that there is no question about our reliability and your security. Whichever lock you ask us to install, we search the market to find you the best deal; hopefully at wholesale rates!

Other Residential Locksmith Services in Singapore

Our locksmith services aren’t just limited to repair and installation, but extend to other services as well.

Door Locks

SG Locksmith professionals help you install, repair, or replace any locks in your home or apartment, be it for wooden, glass, aluminum, or other metal doors.

Door Knobs And Locks

Having locks that work properly is very important for security.If you have an old, rusty lock,problem then Sg locksmith is a one stop solution to change and replace door lock installation and replacement. Your key can break into the lock, or you can get locked out of your house, It is essential to replace door knobs.

Door Lock Replacement

We use only top quality, certified locks to replace the old and broken ones. Sg Locksmith guarantees that you won't have any trouble with your new locks, for many years from now. Your safety is top priority for us, that's why we use only the best locks and tools.